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Have you ever read a painting? I just did. Hours ago.

I’ve always dreamed of visiting an exhibit, that’s why I thought of making a congratulatory entry about this young artist for making that dream come true. She took Fine Arts Major in Advertising in Technological University of the Philippines, Manila. From the girl we once mistakenly called by her twin sister’s name back in LRT station, (LOL) she became the painter whose hand strokes and style are being admired by many. She is Johanna Helmuth, and she is Perfectly Disfigured.

                        Jeanine Helmuth, Johanna’s twin sister told us that this Johanna don’t really draw                                nor  paint back in high school, but because they don’t wanna part ways in college,                                  their Mom decided that she take Fine Arts in TUP, Manila since Jeanine would                                          pursue Education in PNU.  (If you know how these Universities are located, you won’t                             ask why. Chos. Hahaha!) (Photos taken from Johanna Helmuth’s facebook account)


ako na

 Do you remember the time when you tried to connect the limbs of a broken doll? Or when you connected the breached lace of your rubber slipper? Oh! How about when you tried to solve a jigsaw puzzle? These things, they were broken. Yet you were able to make them whole. They were messy, yet you created something out of them.

“You make them beautiful. You make them just like you.”

Well, this is how I view the whole “disfigured” concept of Johanna’s exhibit. On her paintings, she shows the dark side of human behavior by using rough strokes and edges, she paints them dull, but here’s the catch, despite these, she makes each portrait interesting. And I think it’s something innate and natural. You know, some kind of an artist instinct, charot! Hahaha! Mema lang si bakla e ‘no.  

But hey! Here’s the catch again! LOL. Unlimited catch ata ito since nobody catches me. Harooot! Hahahah.  But here we go. Sometimes we easily see the light when it’s dark, right? Sometimes, we see who truly cares when we build up walls. Most of the times we realize what’s important when we don’t have anything. What was that saying again? Opposite attracts.

This young artist makes us understand what she really wants to say by showing the exact opposite of it through her paintings.



Seeing a painting is like reading a poem, telling a story, and watching a play. There’s always something to find out. If you cannot read without letters, the tendency is, you will never be able to follow the road signs. If you cannot travel without your feet, you can never reach one’s mind.

I hope you can answer when I ask you this;

Have you ever read a painting? ‘Cause I just did. 

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