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To My Future Borta

I thought of writing you a letter while you’re still unknown to me. It’s thrilling to know that one day, someday, we’ll meet as complete strangers, probably won’t find each other interesting and attractive, but I can’t wait for the moment when little by little, we’ll realize how much we want to annoy each other for the rest of our lives. Because I’m pretty sure you’ll be cutest when you’re annoyed. Hahaha!

Whoever you are, I just have this feeling that you’re a borta guy; either you have a borta mind, a borta heart, a borta passion and talent, or maybe you have a pair of borta braso and borta chest that are perfect for cuddling sesh. Hahahah! Whatever you look, please make sure that you’re always mabango even if you wear nothing but just pawis. Rawr! Hahaha!

I know that you’ll accept me for who I am, because hello, my Mama did, and you have zero excuse if you claim that you love me. Hohoho. But still, I want to tell you things about myself because I might not have the time to tell you these- I’m a busy person, and it would be okay if you’re also one.

I laugh in my sleep. So please, don’t be jumpy if while you look at my very, very beautiful sleeping face at 3am, I suddenly laugh. Hahaha! I know that would be creepy, but you’ll get use to it. I am probably having a beautiful dream which I will eventually share with you in the morning over taho and eggs and coffee, whichever you prefer.

I am a proud cat lady. I talk to cats, I kiss their tummies, and I let them sleep on my bed. I won’t mind if you like dogs or birds, I am very welcoming of pets, but please always remember that when you choose me, you also choose my cats.

You are not my first love, not my first boyfriend, and definitely not my first date, but we can still share a lot of first times together; walk along the seashore, duet of our favorite song, reading books on the same page, sharing our meal with each other, stargazing, and praying. We can never be too old to stop trying, yes?

I am at my most talkative self at night. If I love you, you’ll be my instant human diary. I will tell you everything that happened to me throughout the day, from my weirdest dream to the most annoying and adorable person in the world, (please know that it’s you.)  I wish you’ll be patient in listening to my stories, but please, if you are too tired or too busy to listen, offer me Double Dutch ice cream instead. It will stop my mouth from talking and I will not feel rejected, and you will appear to be the most handsome guy in the whole wide world!

I am a woman. And so I nag. I nag if I’m on point. And I still nag even if I’m at fault. So please don’t say anything. Cuddle me and we’ll be fine, because I’m a woman, I have saltik, and that makes me awesome. Come on, just agree.

But everything about me is just half of the story, because the other half of it would be about you. I want you to know that I’ve been praying not for someone like you, but for you alone, and it’s definitely okay not to put your best foot forward when you’re with me. You can stumble and fall, because real men do- the borta way.

You can snore while you sleep, (‘cause that’s more normal than laughing, eh.) Snoring means you are tired of a heavy day, which also means you’re not lazy. I will be proud of you, really.

It’s okay to eat extra rice, borta or not, that is what I expect of guys. LOL

It’s okay to play with my hair. And I will play with your braso. Hahaha! No, seriously, it’s okay to make landi with my hair. Urgh. I just love it.

You can cry. There will be times when I know I have to be the stronger one, and that would be perfectly fine. See, I can handle cry babies, but not cowards.

There will be a lot of other things that you can be, and that’s gonna be fine with me. Not because I know that nobody can be perfect, but because it’s you. I will always have an accepting heart for who you are and who you want to be. I will befriend your demons and hug you tight until you come to realize that we have the same demons inside our heads and it’s okay to let them stay, not because they are part of us, but because they don’t seem to exist when we are together.

To you who is yet to come, I know that you are also praying for me. Galingan mo pa sa paghahanap, I am not a princess. I am a warrior. (‘Cause the warrior is a child. Cheret! Hahahhaha!)




Daughter of Poseidon l Teacher l Playbacker l Theater Enthusiast l Poet l Playwright l Cat Lover l Cat

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