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DETA Revival: The Magic Four

Last year, I decided to make a big decision in my life; to take a Master’s Degree in Drama Education and Theater Arts at Philippine Normal University with three of the bravest souls I’ve known; Mar Zeus Katigbak, (a forever classmate since first year college, I was like “Eww, hanggang dito ba naman Zeus?), Joe Louie Lavaro, (the greatest kuya of all who lend me 500 pesos when I ran out of budget for our first enrollment, proud pa ‘ko e.) And of course, Ann Katherine Corpuz, (the ‘ate’ in age but not in size, immune ang katawan niya sa taba! Lakas maka-teenager. LOL)

I just thought of writing an entry about how we were able to push the program because we’re awesome! Char. Hahaha! Seriously, I think we are in a beautiful journey right now. Reviving this program was really a challenge- a beautiful challenge that we all agreed to pursue because of one thing: passion.

And when a person is passionate, he can bring anything back to life- DETA is a proof!

Of course we can’t do it alone, we asked the help of Dr. Gina O. Gonong, (our former professor in Linguistics and Reasearch,) to help us arrange our request form. Kuya Louie was the one who communicated with her during those times, (Zeus and I can’t talk to her highness, hahaha! We’re shy. Geez! Love you, Ma’am G!) After filling up all the information needed, the next thing that we had to do is to get our adviser sign the form in two days. Well, we had time pressure, dear. Hohoho!

Question: What will you do if you have to get a paper in your hand, (and your hand is attached to your gorgeous body and your body is in Manila,) signed by someone who is in Tagaytay? (Of course you want it done properly  so you won’t ever think of faking the signature, right? RIGHT? LMAO)

Answer: When a person is passionate, he can bring anything back to life. So you travel from Manila to Tagaytay.

Not that far my dear, but for someone who’s never been in Tagaytay, that must be something! Hahaha! Don’t you worry, I prayed the rosary for directions.  (I had to do it alone ’cause my place is the nearest in both Manila and Tagaytay. 🙂 )

Our adviser is Prof. Leigh Ann Corpuz. Zeus and I already know her because she was our Professor in Community Theater during undergrad.She’s very approachable, talented, but also strict at the same time. Knowing these things about her made us all excited and, well, nervous. LOL – Oh, and yes, her signature was the key to finally pass the paper. Hoho

Then the waiting game began.

I guess we all come to a point where waiting make us all wanna quit. But because we’re amazing, we didn’t! Hahaha! The key to being amazing is to love waiting. Because sometimes the moment when we’re about to quit is the very moment when we’re gonna get what we really, really want!

While other graduate students enroll, we were still waiting for the approval of the Dean. Kuya Louie had to make several phone calls to know the result. After two gracious weeks of waiting, he informed us that the office had approved our request. Yeeesh! It was all worth it!

The four of us met on the day of enrollment where we found out how petite Ate Ann Katherine is. Hahaha! And becoming close to each other seemed to be an easy process because, hello! We’re all “buang” in nature!

So to end this entry, I would like to encourage those who have a rare passion, to not be afraid of pursuing what makes you happy. Taking a Master’s Degree is never easy, but it is surely fun if you’re doing what you love.

Remember: When you are passionate, you can make and share a life!- Magic Four is a proof! 🙂

© Gia Marie, 2017



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